Why Buy Genuine Parts and Accessories?
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Why Buy Genuine Parts and Accessories?

There are many reasons as to why you should stick to buying genuine manufacturer parts and accessories for your vehicle and we’ve explained a few reasons for this below so read on….

 First off, genuine parts have undergone rigorous testing to meet the high quality, safety and performance standards that the manufacturers must abide by. This means you can ensure you’re buying the best products for your car. Take a child seat for example, you wouldn’t want to compromise on quality and safety here, so buying genuine gives you confidence that you’re getting a good product.

Buying genuine also reassures you that you’re able to get products that have been made specifically for your vehicle. You’re not getting a product that has been manufactured to fit multiple vehicle brands, you’re buying something that is a perfect match for your car, its shape, its technology, its DNA.

Peace of mind is something that many customers are always on the lookout for, and buying genuine parts and accessories gives you just that. Due to the quality and testing that these products have been through, and because they have been engineered for your car, these items generally come with a manufacturer warranty. For Renault and Dacia, you can rest assured knowing that the parts and accessories listed on our store come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Genuine products can also further enhance the style and sleek design of your car. Renault and Dacia have a wide range of interior and exterior design accessories that you can add to your vehicle. Why not give your car a sportier feel with the addition of a rear spoiler? Or make the entrance more elegant with silver door sills, bespoke to your model. These accessories can really give your car something extra, but by keeping your car 100% genuine you ensure it is only enhanced and no value is at risk.

Sure there are some good quality non-genuine products out there, but in terms of reliability, quality, reassurance and warranty, genuine is your best route.

Think genuine is too expensive? Think again.